Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mojito Alcohol Powder

Summer's here, and hot humid days sometimes impel me to make mojitos. Having recently stumbled down an interesting road trying to make powders for aquafaba-based cookery like ice cream and mayonnaise, I wondered what it would take to make a powdered mojito. Not a mix, mind you, to which you have to add your rum, but rum and all, as an instant mojito mix that just needs water...

Sunday, May 22, 2016


What are you left with when you take the AQUA out of AQUAFABA? Why, just FABA, of course.

After a hundred hours of experimentation with canned and homemade aquafaba last March, it slowly dawned on me that powdered aquafaba was far more easier to work with than liquid from various sources with unknown consistencies. Powder had a near indefinite shelf life, could be transported cheaply, and could form the basis of so many things like meringue powders and fancy new egg replacer powders (coming soon!!).  It also makes it possible to standardize aquafaba, so that you know exactly what the consistency is every time you use it. That can be key to working with some of the more finicky recipes.  So that's why I almost always use powdered aquafaba these days. It's not only easier to work with, I think it's going to be integral to the development of all things aquafaba in the future...