Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mojito Alcohol Powder

Summer's here, and hot humid days sometimes impel me to make mojitos. Having recently stumbled down an interesting road trying to make powders for aquafaba-based cookery like ice cream and mayonnaise, I wondered what it would take to make a powdered mojito. Not a mix, mind you, to which you have to add your rum, but rum and all, as an instant mojito mix that just needs water...

Summer has, on occasion, inspired me to make mojitos. This time, I wanted to see if I could make an instant version, alcohol and all. 

Step 1: make a perfectly fine mojito from the mint that's overtaking the garden.

Step 2: destroy it by blending it all together

Step 3: dehydrate to remove the alcohol and water, leaving behind the essence of rum, mint, and sugar syrup. 

Step 4: add back in just the alcohol in the form of everclear, blend, and separate out any remaining syrup.

Step 5: mix with sufficient amount of maltodextrin to yield approx 1/2 cup of powder per 1 ounce of mojito flavored rum.

et voilĂ , instant mojitos.

Reconstitute with water, crushed ice, and/or cold soda. Or just eat it straight. Kept in the freezer, it's like snow that turns into a party in your mouth.